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I presented some experiments that built upon the Plasticity project on tapioca starch based bioplastics I finished over the summer

Experimenting with biomaterials made out of other foods beyond starches
folded sheets of store bought gelatin
folded sheets of home made gelatin

Thinking about:

  • what does it mean to be plastic?

  • how can food be recontextualized in art spaces?

  • the math of crumple theory in regards to form + what does it mean to crumple something? what is its relation to the discarded?

Left to Right: pectin, galalith (milkstone made of milk & vinegar), silk spun from lotus root threads, real fruit gummies

Takeaways: Continue experimenting with biomaterials made of food, gravitating towards the materialities that speak to my practice

Experimenting with modes of display in natural science and anthropology museums

using the vitrine to imitate museum displays
using side lighting and pinning objects like specimens

Thinking about:

  • how are artifacts and objects presented to tell a (often colonial/ western) narrative of humankind?

  • who determines whether an object is worth preserving and collection (at the expense of taking something out of use/ reach of communities in question)

  • whom are we preserving and collecting for?

  • how do these display conventions condition viewers to read the work?

Takeaways: I need to further study the specifics (e.g. exact dimensions, lighting techniques, etc.) of how different institutions display their artefacts in order to rift on them

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