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Since last crit...

  • I attended Josephine Lee's workshop on biomaterials after learning about the biomaterials course she taught over the summer

  • I had a studio visit with Guest Lecturer Antonia Hirsch who suggested I work with models/ maquettes to better convey scale and to save time in the studio

Continuing to experimenting with biomaterials made out of other foods

Thinking about:

  • how is the food materials' eventual decomposition built into the work conceptually ?

  • how can the non-archival be a way to disrupt colonial tendencies to preserve and collect for museums?

  • food materials we usually ingest and put inside our bodies are now surrounding us on the exterior

  • architecture - the structures we build reflect our society's cultural values - and how does it condition the body through proprioception?

  • how can we engage with art beyond visuality through embodiment?

Experiments with different ratios of agar agar, carageenan and gelatin below:

Thinking about:

  • composting as a concept

"I am a compost-ist, not a posthuman-ist: we are all compost, not posthuman. The boundary that is the Anthropocene/Capitalocene means many things, including that immense irreversible destruction is really in train, not only for the 11 billion or so people who will be on earth near the end of the 21st century, but for myriads of other critters too. " Donna Haraway

  • the role of scent in art interactions

Experiments with densifying coffee grounds with agar agar to create Serra-like structures below:

Experiments with eggshells and xanthan gum to create rocks below:

Experimenting with form and 3D printing technology
mimicking how 3D printing builds upwards by layers

Thinking about: how can biocomposites like the eggshell one above be plastic alternatives for 3D printing?

Experimenting with modes of display - format of setting the table + architectural models
using the cafeteria plates and dining table height to reference serving food
building gallery maquettes to show scale

Thinking about:

  • how do models or maquettes present speculative future realities?

  • what does it mean to serve art like food in relation to ingestion, consumption, digestion?

  • how important is it to create scaled up versions of the work?

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