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/stāj/, 2021

mixed media installation, Dimensions variable.

In context of my praxis in the Fall 2021 semester:

  • thinking about what roles an artist inhabits

  • modeling an art practice that involves other disciplinary practices that bridge several fields of science, as well as an ethics of care

  • "overall work is materially engaging, provoking questions and propositions for the viewer, evoking curiosity, contextualized in scientific apparatus, making as thinking, and referencing instruments of observation"

Notes from Class Critique: “The obvious is not said”

Presentation & Format

  • physical set-up allows viewers to step behind table

  • to hang elements higher – may use space more effectively or overwhelm viewer more

  • reference to both kitchen and laboratory context

  • can expand beyond dualities: work apron, lab coat, other personas or roles the artist can inhabit (collector?)

Engagement: comments on the visibility of process and levels of engagement

  • intrigue in materials, motion of instruments and ephemera

  • desire by some to touch

  • notes, diagrams in background – not everyone may flip through them, but some do

  • should you be present to activate the space and invite question/engagement?

  • lets you stay in experimental phase - live on-going process

Questions about the purpose of these materials and process (what is its intention?)

  • implied in how sheets are placed next to real wrappers – imply potential use but also may be confusing

  • do you forefront the production of a material or process, or the space of curiosity (play with the act of investigation as the work itself?

  • can/should we see more of the research? - i.e. we don’t know what these materials are capable of?

  • can the installation disrupt the knowledge presentation? a thinking wall, a question made manifest, a proposition or thought experiment?

Considerations Moving Forward

  • continue exploring strategies of installation and performative elements that support research as a live, on-going process (how to underscore the act of investigation itself)

  • how to frame the work as installation, performance, time-based, or an assemblage of artifacts crossing all of these elements

  • think of strategies for revealing how the work is informed by scientific research

  • how to make manifest the questions that inform the research?

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