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a doodle of my process. that means you should check back every now and then

Thoughts from December 2021

knowledge (its construction + organization)

- systems of cataloguing/ categorization/ data representation (representionalism, semiotics, limits of language)

- modes of display (as prescribed by discipline or place e.g. museum)

- disruption or intervention through the transdisciplinary

questions of value + capitalism

- how do systems (e.g. capitalism) assign value to (objects, labour, people,) knowledge?

- commodification as a process [reading...Kopytoff's Cultural Biography of Things]

- planned obsolescence and the uses of us [reading...Ahmed's What the Use]

- how are sites of production/ work spaces designed for specific outputs [auditing...Camozzi's SCIE 328]

- what does it mean to scale up? [reading...Tsing's Mushroom at the End of the World Ch3: Some Problems with Scale)

alternate ways of knowing through material/ physical engagement

- embodiment

- performativity [reading... Barad's Posthumanist Performativity]

- beyond human/ multi-species [reading...Haraway]

- proprioception

- touch + haptics (in an analog way)


Thoughts from October 2021

some of the concepts I've been mindmapping (in no particular order)

  • ecological consciousness + material reconstitution​

  • food materials + composting + ingestion, consumption, digestion

  • the integration of scientific modes of inquiry with artistic practices

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