Discard Library, 2018-

Handmade paper from discarded library books, thread, Dimensions Variable.

Discard Library asks: what is the value of a book when its content is no longer relevant? The project returns unwanted books into its material form – paper. Discard Library converts the mass manufacturing process of books into a DIY project where the artist’s hand is always present. By shredding, bleaching and pulping the pages, the content is discarded as the words fade and disintegrate. The pulp is then hand made into large sheets and cut to size. Each signature is bound by hand into new books of different sizes. Each sheet is unique in weight and texture with varying traces of letters and fragmented words. 

Discard Library is an ongoing project mirroring the cycle of detritus and material rejuvenation against the backdrop of time. 


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.