Mistints, 2017-2018

Acrylic Latex Paint, Dimensions Variable.

Mistints challenges the material possibilities of paint.  While paint is commonly used as a skin to cover an object or as a depictive medium, often to create illusionistic space, Mistints’ three-dimensionality occupies physical space. The sculptures show the possibility for paint to exist autonomously, subverting the convention of skin needing a structure for support. The utility cart’s mobility hints at the movement of paint folding over itself. The cart’s industrial context and the DIY nature of house paint works to potentially democratize the artist’s identity. By using installation to establish conditions for viewing, the art-making process is demystified. The material negotiations integral to the process are reflected in the work’s malleability as moisture evaporates from the paint. The inevitable deterioration of the work reflects the relationship between time and the change of perception.


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.